Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Me?

The question, "Why me?" is loaded with meaning. Expressed negatively, it is the epitome of self-pity. "What did I do to deserve this happening to me? I didn't do anything wrong!" It's an attitude of arrogant entitlement, and leads only to misery.

But those two words can have a completely different meaning, one of thankfulness and wonder: Why me? What did I do to deserve this favor? In light of the Gospel—God giving himself to us freely through Jesus Christ—"Why me?" becomes a jubilant expression of gratitude. Why should I possess faith and not another?

In realizing we deserve nothing—and that we even deserve to be left to our sins—our perspective is changed as God grants eyes of faith to see Jesus for who He is. Repentance follows, and the transformed attitude: "Why me?" is filled with humility and leads to joy upon joy; grace upon grace; a heart of thankfulness.

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Nathan Gammie said...

Amen (or, should we say, PTL for this TRBI). A friend once reminded me that above all we have to stay away from "Victim Mentality". It's more convenient at the time, but it always destroys. The cross enables us to own our sin and foolishness and to keep from deceiving ourselves. Resting in the cross (and seeing the reality of our fallenness) is a rich fuel of growth. But the cross also allows us to ask "Why Me?" in the second sense you mentioned because after reminding us of our unmerit, it re-opens our eyes to unmerited grace.

Praise God for this grace, brother!